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Sulphur Soap Classic 125g


Sulphur Soap Classic 125g


Sulphur soap is a traditional soap containing a high concentration of sulphur. Sulphur has been used to treat many skin conditions throughout history and often works when all other medicines and potions have failed. Conditions such as acne, oily skin, tinea, scabies, dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, offensive body odour and skin fold irritation may benefit from the application of sulphur (sulfur). Directions - Apply and lather on skin and leave for about 5 minutes before washing off. Classic version. Over the years the sulphur soap has evolved as the manufacturer responds to their perception of market demand. The “Classic” version is the oldest version we can get and is more suitable for customers who do not appreciate the modern perfumed and softer formula in the standard product.

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