Best Organic Grass Powders in NZ
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NZ Barley Grass Powder (BioGro Certified Organic)

One Earth NZ

NZ Barley Grass Powder (BioGro Certified Organic)


INGREDIENTS: 100% Biogro Certified Organic New Zealand Barley Grass premium fine Leaf powder. 

SIZES: 100g, 200g, 300g white screw top pots or 1 Kg resealable foil bag

PRIMARY USES: An ideal concentrated daily Natural Organic Vitamin & Mineral Food Supplement for the whole Family. Nutrient dense, and rich in chlorophyll. Effective and economical. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Adults: take 1-2 rounded teaspoons daily with juice, water or cereal. Children: from 5 years take 1/2 teaspoon daily with juice or water. Also delicious with smoothies or shake in a shaker. BENEFITS 1. Said to protect against pollutants. 2. Deodorising, cleansing and alkalising. 3. Suitable for people with gluten allergies. 4. Excellent provider of green vegetable nutrition. 5. Convenient and efficient way to get vital nutrients, for increased energy and improved health.

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